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St Joseph’s RC High School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people, and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Pupil Voice

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School Council

Senior Students


Head Boy


Hello, I’m Zak the current Head Boy of St Joseph’s.

Now, you are probably wondering ‘why should I send my child to St Joseph’s?’

Is it for the great GCSE results or the caring teachers or maybe for the sports facilities like The Dome?

Well, all of these are important but the thing that I find most appealing about this amazing school is the welcoming environment it brings and the sense of belonging to a community.


Head Girl


My name is Atiyah and I’m the current head girl.

When I started year 7, I was nervous because only a few people came from my primary school, but also I kept thinking I was going to get lost. That’s probably everyone’s biggest fear. I quickly settled in and the teachers were and still are always caring. I began taking part in extra-curricular activities such as netball and hockey which I love.

I also find the school is well driven academically and the teachers are always helpful.


Blake Graham- Prefect

“Every member of staff and pupil is extremely friendly. Be sure to revise!”


Dan Naylor- Prefect

“The school holds a very welcoming community where everyone is friendly and all the teachers are nice and helpful.”


Holly Grainger- Prefect

“The School is a very supportive place, that allows students to grow to their full potential.”


Amber Redfearn- Prefect

“The school is a really good place to feel welcome and pupils feel comfortable.”


Cameron Woods- Prefect

“The teachers offer a lot of help and advice.”


Nathan Gill- Prefect

“The teachers and students are very respectable.”



At St Joseph’s, we are extremely proud of all of our talented young people. Many students take part actively in the community and we believe that every child really does matter, which is why we believe so strongly in pupil voice. By our students voicing their opinions and suggestions, we can implement these into greater benefit for the whole community.


In recent surveys, pupils highlighted that they would like to see more benching, more disposal bins and water machines. These requests were taken to the school council and implemented! In 2011, several new benches arrived for the Social Area of the Yard, as well as more disposal bins around our site. In September 2011, a new water machine was installed in the Brady Centre and a new working machine was installed on the corridor of our main site building.


This is all God wants from You: Act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly with your God…

Be Just and Fear Not.  This is what PVSJ (Pupil Voice St. Joseph’s) strongly believe in.