St Joseph’s R.C. High School

and Sports College

Assemblies and Prayers

Community Assemblies

All assemblies provide the opportunity for praying together as a school community, and collective worship is their prime function. Communal hymns and other forms of music form part of every assembly and opportunities will be taken to distribute awards and offer praise in other ways.


Mr Woods leads full school assemblies every fortnight within morning registration time. These are delivered to half the school at a time on a rota basis.


Year Group Assemblies

Each year group has an assembly once a week, on a designated day, at 8.50am as follows:

Year 7 – Wednesday

Year 8 – Tuesday

Year 9 – Friday

Year 10 – Thursday

Year 11 – Monday


This assembly is usually, though not exclusively, led by the Manager of Learning, and will sometimes be led by a particular form or group of students.  The venue is the school hall, although on occasions, especially during the examination period, the sports hall is used.


Form Group Prayers

Each morning and afternoon of the week will begin with prayers in form tutor groups.  The school day normally ends with a prayer too.


Prayers are sometimes led by the teacher or by the students and take a variety of forms, including traditional prayers such as the Morning Offering, the Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary, Grace before Meals and the prayer to the Holy Spirit, more modern prayers, silent reflections, readings and prayers composed by the students themselves, involving each and everyone of the class.