St Joseph’s R.C. High School

and Sports College


St. Joseph’s was established in 1963 on the 5th November.

Below are all of our Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers and Chairs of the Governing Body from 1963 to present.


1963-1975: Mr John B Yates

1975-1991: Mr G Eric Hester

1991-1995: Mr Gerard F Boyle

1995-2013: Mr Leo F Conley

2013-present: Mr Richard Woods


Deputy Headteachers

1967-1993: Mr Brian Brady

1993-2006: Mr Len Gee

2007-present: Mr Maurice Graham


Chairs of Governing Body

1963-1966: Rev. Fr. P. J. Veale

1966-1975: Rev. Fr. B. O’Leary

1975-1980: Rev. Fr. Moriarty

1980-1985: Rev. Fr. B. Pilling

1985-2012: Rev. Canon H. Jones

2012-present: Mr W Charnley